You’ve got the internet at your disposal to run an affiliate marketing business, so how could it pose much of a challenge with everything already in place. Not so fast!

The finest technology is at hand and immediately available. You don’t even have to buy the software or hardware to run your business. Turn on your personal computer and your business is ready to roll.

Let’s begin with the 30 second walk from your breakfast nook to your home office, everyone’s dream for their own home business, no travel or lost time getting to the office, no gas expense, no need to dress up and transportation is past history. You’re on your own schedule.

Sure, there’s work to do, like a review of your overnight statistics. Pull up Google analytics to see how many folks visited your website overnight, check your Alexa ranking if necessary, but it’s the new sales dollars, new subscribers, all get our early attention to see how we’re doing over last 24 hours.

Maybe your site design needs to be revised or replaced if the numbers are not up to your expectation. Affiliate Marketer is asking “what if” or “why” about new sign ups, new visitors to your website who will eventually turn into buyers, new converts, driving our cash flow higher.

Searching for new directories where affiliate programs can be listed, handling phone orders and emails to track all for new orders is just part of the marketer’s day.

Reviewing competitive ads, banners that may be working against us in the marketplace, are things to watch out for from our vantage point. Our own visibility is a constant challenge and extremely important to our future success.

Questions from our visitors require a quick response or they will go away thinking we don’t care. Nothing seems to turn off a customer quicker than unanswered email.

Continuous investment of time to learn the latest tips, feedback on forums, going to conferences to meet and greet other affiliate marketers is imperative to grow your business to the next level.

Reading newsletters, the online ezines of other marketers is helpful in keeping our own newsletters on track. Every day something new surfaces that we need to know which helps us stay on the cutting edge of our business.

It’s our responsibility to faithful buyers and subscribers to our newsletter [ezine] that we keep the publication current, up to date, with the latest Internet Marketing information.

These same publications are also important for us in keeping up to date with newly introduced products or software. You are the connecting voice to your customers.

Time flies in the course of an affiliate Marketers busy day. As usual, some things don’t get done simply because time runs out. The 4 hour workweek is merely a dream for the busy affiliate marketer, particularly in the early days of building his/her business.

Most online, as well as offline, successful business owners require long hours in the beginning, even a longer time to get off the ground and make good profits. As “they” say, there’s NO free lunch or easy walk to success. We have to agree and continue investing many hours in our own business.

Don Monteith, writer of this article, has 32 years in business as an entrepreneur. Today, he is semi-retired but has recently teamed up with Chris Farrell, the #1 Internet Marketing trainer with an exceptional success record.

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