Affiliate Marketing has the attention of people everywhere as a desirable business model and a way out of the BIG business environment. Having a home based business without deadlines and bosses is every employees vision, no more micromanaging every move or decision.

It’s not quite as easy as some think but it does create dreams of building your own business, envisioning the results of your own leadership, your personal talents, skills, the expertise you bring to the business.

Everyone, at least most of us, think about earning lots of money which opens up family benefits as well as reaching out to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

There are 5 things all of us must have to run and manage a business with any degree of success, particularly as affiliate marketers. Actually, you may want to add your own list of achievements necessary.

Let’s take a look at only the beginning of our list:

1. A willingness to LEARN and be TRAINED
3. DETERMINATION to make it happen
4. SELF DISCIPLINE under control
5. OPTIMISM, not easily discouraged

These 5 commitments are critical to the success of every business. Seeing the bright side with a positive attitude is extremely important for those who add employees to their team.

Business owners, like the ship’s Captain, are expected to know where the business is headed, to have goals to achieve and plans for the future. Financial backing and stability is of utmost importance for success in all businesses. Cash is KING in the world of business.

As we all know, your CAR does not run without GAS and same goes for electric cars today. Business “power” is CASH. Your Profit and Loss Statement with an awesome Balance Sheet will NOT pay your bills even when you have a big receivables balance, customers in debt to you.

Fair warning, after 40+ years in business, tells us that NO customer should be larger than 10% of your gross business as a goal. In the beginning that may be difficult but change happens and be assured that it will overtime. Every business will experience sudden loss of a customer as well as the loss of valuable employees.

Usually, it’s back to the money challenge. Customers want a lower price and employees want more pay. There’s always a competitor willing to meet price demands and employees willing to change jobs for often the wrong reasons but it happens to all of us.

Fortunately, there’s a saving grace for the business owner. Losing some customers is a blessing for the business. If an employee is unhappy with your pay scale or his/her job then give them your blessing and expect the loss to be in your favor, often sooner than later.

Don Monteith, writer of this article, has 32 years in business as an entrepreneur. Today, he is semi-retired but has recently teamed up with Chris Farrell, the #1 Internet Marketing trainer with an exceptional success record.

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